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This town was organized November 13, 1855, and the first town meeting was held on the first Tuesday in April, 1856, at the home of Samuel C. Lyon.


The officers elected at that time were Samuel C. Lyon - Chairman.  Gaines Phillips and C. D. Bradley - Supervisors.  Charles Tollard - Clerk.  Hiram Driggs - Treasurer.  H. J. Moore and L. Johnson - Justices.  J. E. Lyon, J. G. Moore and S. Worden - Constables.  R. H. Benedict and S. D. Moore - Assessors.


The first store building was built by J. R. Lyons in 1871, and a mercantile business conducted by him there for a great many years. Mr. Lyons held many official positions, being at one time a member of the Assembly, and served two terms as Register of Deeds of the County.


A Post Office was first established at the home of S. C. Lyon in 1872 with him as Postmaster.


The town is comprised of 36 sections totaling approximately 36 square miles.  We maintain approximately 52 miles of roads.

Town of Glendale Map
town of glendale
Town of Glendale
town of glendale
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